Creating natural alternatives for your dog
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Gettin' Ready to Go!

When To Apply

  • Apply the tick repellent oil (to your dog and a couple drops on you if you like) before you go for a walk in a tick populated area

  • Apply flea/insect repellent oil (to your dog and a couple drops on you if you like) before heading to the dog park, out for a walk where other dogs are, out in the backyard if there are mosquitoes or black flies, or camping

Where to Apply

  • Between shoulder blades, base of tail, chest/belly, and middle of back if a big dog

  • You can add extra drops to a collar for extra protection

How to Apply

  • Apply 2-4 drops. (As a guide, you would use 2 drops for a dog under 15lb, and 4 drops for an large dog > 80lb)

  • Apply every time just before you head out on your adventure.

  • For the best results for your dog, apply the minimum dosage the first time. Every dog and situation is different, and you should listen to your pup just on the off chance he or she may not like one of the scents in the repellent. 


If you want to apply the tick repellent as well as the flea repellent, apply with a few hours in between, or apply each one every other day. Less is more when it comes to essential oils and aromatherapy and our dogs have an amazing sense of smell, we don't want to over stimulate them with all of the smells!