Creating natural alternatives for your dog
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Natural Repellent vs. Synthetic products

Pawsitive Scents are made with 100% pure essential oils that are derived from plants that naturally repel certain pests, so they repel instead of kill. Usually when you buy synthetic tick and flea remedies from the pet store or Veterinarian's office, you apply it to your dog's skin it is then absorbed into their bloodstream. When a tick or flea bites or is embedded in the skin, it is then killed by the synthetic product that is now in your dog's blood..  So instead of putting chemicals and pesticides into your dog and waiting for the bite, applying Pawsitive Scents to their fur will repel the bugs with the scent of essential oil from a plant that naturally repels them. The tick or flea will abandon ship before even latching on. So why not eliminate the potential harm/disease a tick or flea can do by eliminating the bite all together? And why not do it naturally, instead of using synthetic unnatural materials that your dog maybe shouldn't be exposed to in the first place? These are the questions that I asked myself after a visit to the vet years ago.. and here I am today with this alternative that WORKS, for you and your dog to enjoy! 


Quick Facts

  • For the best results for your dog apply the minimal dosage at first. Our dogs have super sensitive sniffers and you want to allow them to get used to it before you put a lot on right away! Most dogs are not bothered by the scents, but as you know every dog and situation is different.. So listen to your pup. :) 

  • While making these blends, I strongly believe in choosing the gentlest essential oil options possible in the smallest dilution necessary to still be effective. These blends are safe, and chosen specifically for dogs.

  • The flea/insect repels fleas, flies, mosquitoes, and no-see-ums (midges)

  • The studies that I have done have proven these recipes safe for dogs at the recommended dosage. If applying around or near a cat, do so in a separate room or outside before your hike/walk. Keep separate for at least an hour. Cats do not metabolize essential oils the same way humans and dogs do, and they are MUCH more sensitive in general.

  • Important to note that this does not kills fleas, it repels them from the scent of essential oils


*****Please be aware these products are not for application on cats.*****

If you have further questions please see "Talk to me"