Creating natural alternatives for your dog
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Who started this hippie dippie stuff?

Hi, I'm Allie Zurowski and I'm a dog lover and holistic health nut! In that I decided to make an all natural and safe dog wellness product line. 

I am passionate about providing safe and natural alternatives for everyone in their day-to-day ventures. Dogs have always and will always be an important part of my life, and these products are a direct result of that. I am here for the people who want what is best for their dog, and recognize that their dogs life does not need to be part of the synthetically, chemically induced world we live in today. Join me in creating a pawsitive life for our furry friends.

It is important to me that everyone who owns a dog, has a healthy and happy dog. Now a days most veterinarians prescribe synthetically made tick and flea remedies that are potentially harmful to your pet, you, and your family... and they end up costing you your left arm. I am here to eliminate that problem, so that you can keep your arm, and your dog pest free.

I began my work with dogs in 2013 when I earned my Veterinary Assistant Certificate. I realized quickly that the office environment wasn't for me, and that I definitely wasn't always agreeing with the choices the Veterinarian or other colleagues were making. Already interested in holistic healing for myself and humans, I quickly began the search for a more loving and natural approach for my furry friends. I began learning about training dogs and working with and taking them on adventure hikes this past year as a day job. It didn't take long before ticks and fleas started becoming an ongoing issue with clients.. I found the "Natural Pet Care Certificate" in 2015 and that has given me the knowledge and inspiration to start this line.

I am very excited about these products, and about the future products that I have in store for you guys!